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This month's story: Dereon

Dec 22nd, 2016 by Metro World Child

As the people serving directly in the work that Metro does, you see amazing stories of lives changed each and every day. Sharing how you see God working in the lives of children you serve is one the best ways to tell Metro’s story and connect with others who want to be a part of it. We need you to be the eyes and ears of what God is doing in New York and around the world!

Today, one of our staff members, Emily Nations, shares her amazing story of a little girl who was able to truly experience and understand the love of God . We hope you are encouraged by her story…and encouraged to share a story of your own!

Dereon is 6 years old and has been coming to Saturday Sunday School since she was really young. She has come every week except for one the entire semester. On the way home one Saturday, she was sitting on the bus and crying. I approached her and asked what was wrong, but she just shook her head and remained silent. I asked if someone said something to her, if something happened at home, and then I asked "Are you crying from the lesson at Yogi Bear?" She nodded her head up and down and said yes.

With tears in her eyes she said, "God really loves me…", and in that moment, she got it. In all the chaos at home, in school, and the communities, these children are not assured if they are loved by God or loved at all. At Sunday School, she learns every week that God loves her, but on that Saturday, she finally believed it for herself. That​'s why we do what we do!

Have a story of your own? Simply out this form to share it with the Metro team! http://www.metroworldchild.org/stories/share-your-story . You might even see it featured in future editions of The Ambassador Post!


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