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Jul 15th, 2017 by Olivia Champion

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We are currently in the middle of summer camp here at Metro! We do 7 sessions of camp altogether, where we take kids and teens from all 5 boroughs to a place out of the hectic city, where they can experience a place of serenity, and God in a tangible way. These kids’ lives are changed after visiting Camp X-Treme for just a few short days… They often walk away from this opportunity with an understanding of who God really is, and how loved, valued, and treasured they really are.

This past week, we completed our 2 teen sessions. We shared about how worthy they are, how important they are, and how loved they are by God. This message is a big deal to give these teenagers, because this is often the first time they have heard such affirmations. I could sit here and tell you countless stories from the past week that are powerfully impactful and moving, and testimonies of God’s redemption on the lives of these young people…

I had a 16 year old girl in my cabin tell me after a chapel service one night, that she felt peace and she felt free. She shared how before coming to camp, she felt trapped and heavy all the time. But she encountered God, she heard His voice, and she was set free and experienced freedom in a way that was real to her.

God is doing something incredible in the next generation of New York and it’s being stirred up through opportunities like camp.

For me, this past week was a big reminder of how faithful God is and what a privilege it is to be able to stand here and do what we do. It’s an honor to devote our time, gifts, and lives to spreading the message of love and grace to our teenagers, kids, adults, and people of New York City.

The next 5 sessions of kids camp will take place over the next month and we’re so excited! Keep our ministry, our volunteers, our staff, and every child who attends camp in your prayers. We are so expectant in what God will do this summer at Metro and Camp X-Treme!

Olivia Champion
Staff at Metro World Child