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Your sponsorship can change the life—maybe even the life of a child you see on this page!

By becoming a sponsor, you will help provide hope to a child.

This hope can come from practical things, such as nutrition, school materials, even Christmas gifts, as resources permit. But even more importantly, through your sponsorship, your child will hear of of eternal and true hope, found only in Jesus.

Through teaching, mentoring, care and follow-up, your child will learn of eternal hope that reaches far beyond any earthly circumstance.

And, as a sponsor, you will also be able to build a special relationship with your child that will encourage you both.

It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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Sponsorship is life-changing, and simple! Just click a picture of a child below, who is waiting for a sponsor. You can choose a child who lives right here in the United States, or who lives across the world.

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You can sponsor a needy child through the My Metro World Child sponsorship program for only $28 per month in the Philippines, South Africa, United States, Romania and Kenya.

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