For those children able to attend Summer Camp, it is truly an experience they will never forget.


The kids we minister to in New York City and around the world, are growing up in communities that are affected by much violence, and poverty, and many don’t have hope. In NYC the crime wave is 58.7% higher than in 2021. Several weeks ago, the New York Post headline read, NO ONE IS SAFE. A tiny pink coat, stained with the blood of an 11-month-old baby girl, was displayed right on the front page. She had been shot in the face by a stray bullet.


Our Metro World Child teams work with kids living in the roughest areas of NYC and around the world, in conditions one could not believe exist. We all deeply appreciate your prayers for the kids’ safety . . . They didn’t ask to grow up like this.


You’ve heard it said before . . . one person can make a difference! And this is you! With so much happening in the past 2 years God placed on our hearts that we need to be Nehemiah’s to the Nations and help rebuild lives!


At summer camp we get to do this, we get to take the children out of their environment and give them a safe haven, even just for a short while. We get to rebuild their hope and minister to their lives, and have a life changing impact on a child.

It costs $275 (USD) to give a child in New York four days and three nights of camp. In Romania, Kenya, and the Philippines, a child can attend day camp for $85 (USD). Any gift you can share will be greatly appreciated...and we can combine your gift with others to help make it happen! Remember: this will be the first escape from the violence of this city that most of these kids have experienced in over two years. For others, it will be the very first time they will get to be in a Christian environment for a few days, experiencing the love of God in a very real and tangible way.

One of the main highlights next to all the fun camp activities for most of these kids is simply getting to have three full meals a day — as much as they want to eat!

“So, built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work,” (Nehemiah 4:6)


So, rebuild we will! Kids in New York and other parts of the world still need the HOPE that is only found in JESUS, and you can be that bridge for them to experience God rebuilding and restoring their hope, through a simple kind gift of gesture.