Come meet and visit with your sponsored child, whom you have invested in, prayed for, and now have the opportunity to spend time with!

Join us for four days and three nights, and we’ll take care of organizing your entire stay with us! Your time here will include a visit to your child’s home and neighborhood, accompanied by a Metro staff member. Together with your sponsored child and their family, enjoy a simple meal in the local area as you further build the special bond you share. As part of your time here, we also provide a guided day of touring New York City so you can explore and take in this great city.


  • One Sponsor: $400
  • Additional Family Member: $200

"After sponsoring FIVE CHILDREN at Metro for about SEVENTEEN YEARS, it was really good for us to get to the Metro World Child H.Q. This was a visit WE WILL NEVER FORGET." - Pauline, United Kingdom