Sunday School

Sunday School is the core of Metro World Child’s work. This program, taking place throughout the week and across the globe create a format to develop one-on-one relationships with children in need, provide an alternative to dangers of life on the street and give children the chance to encounter the life-changing power of the Gospel.


The Metro World Child Sunday School program is designed to be dynamic, energized and educational for children of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. That’s why the same “Sunday School” model is used in all of the countries Metro World Child is in. Further, the program is mobile. We’ve designed portable stages rigged onto customized trucks that are able to drive into the neighborhoods where the children live.

Metro World Child conducts the Sunday School program in New York City, the Philippines, Romania, Kenya and South Africa. Worldwide, there are over 150,000 children in Sunday School programs each week.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

During the summer, one day on the streets of NYC can mean the difference between life and death for a child. The pressure to follow the street life is strong. With our Summer Camp, we offer children the opportunity to get off the streets for 4 days and 3 nights and enjoy fun summer activities in the beautiful countryside a few hours outside of the city, while also learning about God.

As of Summer 2015, we also have the opportunity to take Summer Day Camp to our international missions like the Philippines, Kenya and Romania. Not only will their meals be provided (a luxury to most in these countries) these children can experience the joy of being a child in a fun and safe environment and also learn more about Christ!