In many cities and villages around the world, there are children who have no control over where they were born or what extreme circumstances they were brought into; they have no way of seeing themselves out of their situation.  

But through the Gospel-centered programs Metro World Child offers and with your faithful support, we are able to provide hope and help build positive futures for each of the children we serve.  We approach ministry holistically to address the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of each of the children we serve.  Together, we offer children eternal hope through the Gospel message while building meaningful and lasting relationships and providing basic necessities.  Our aim is to help break the cycle of poverty and build positive futures for children in vulnerable situations.

Our primary goal is to help meet the needs of the children we serve and each of our programs is developed specifically with that in mind.  Everything we do is intentional and purposeful, and because of your support, we are able to adapt our programs for different parts of the world to meet the unique aspects of the cultures and environments in which we work.  All programs have one important commonality: each points back to the Gospel, creating tangible expressions of God's love.

Programs for At-Risk Children & Youth

Sharing the Gospel

Metro brings the good news of Jesus Christ alive for children who otherwise may never be introduced to the hope of the Gospel. Our Sunday School and Summer Camp programs feature dynamic, energized messages, specifically focused on helping kids grow in their relationships with God. Learn More

Showing God’s Love

One of the most effective ways to teach children about God’s love is to offer it to them through one-on-one relationships and acts of kindness. Metro staff members invest personally in kids’ lives through simple initiatives, such as weekly Visitation or providing Christmas gifts through Operation Holiday Hope. Many children feel loved and encouraged for the first time through these Metro programs. Learn More

Meeting Needs

When children's basic physical needs are met, the door opens to meet emotional and spiritual needs as well.  Through the world where Metro works, we are providing healthy food, clean water, and even disaster relief when necessary.  Learn More