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The Missions Traning Program is designed to train people of God to think big, dream big, and get a bigger perspective. It will teach you “Stretching” which involves getting past your current limits, it will develop you on the inside and teach you to “not hold back” in overcoming your fear.  The training is designed to  “Lengthen” you to go further in output and effort and equip you to help a city filled with children and families in need of strengthening and lengthening and teaching them where to place their hope.

During this intensive ministry training, you will be equipped to communicate the word of God effectively as we take the Gospel to the streets. You and our dedicated full-time missionaries will work to enlarge the tents to lengthen and strengthen the next generation of men and women of God. Our goal is that by the end of the training, you will be empowered to reach the mission field God has called you to.


March 12- June 13, 2024

August 20 - December 19, 2024

*Email for special ESTA Waiver dates


The cost of our 4-month Mission Training Academy program is USD 1,500. 


Accommodation is provided at the MWC Ministry Center in Brooklyn, NY. Each intern will share a dorm-style room with bunk beds. Male and female interns are housed separately. 

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Tuesday - to Saturday are provided.


The program may be used to fulfill a practicum course requirement at your institution.  We partner with colleges and schools to help meet these requirements as needed.

A "Certificate of Ministry Training” and detailed reference letter are provided for interns who graduate from our training programs.


Missions Training Academy is open to individuals 18 - 65 years old.

All non-U.S. citizens will require a B Visa.  A satisfactory level of proficiency in the English language is essential.


Full and partial scholarships are now available for the upcoming Missions Training Academy. Please email for more information.

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