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By sharing the Gospel, showing God’s love and meeting needs, together, we can help break the cycle of poverty, provide hope, build futures and empower children to rise up out of the streets and become tomorrow’s leaders.

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Today’s testimony is coming to you all the way from our Kenya team!! Please be encouraged by this! At one of our Sunday School sites, a mother and a teacher were beating a little girl. One of our staff was there and found out that the girl had stolen 2,000KSH (approximately $20) from her mother spent half. The teacher informed our staff that the girl had started to hang out with bad kids at the school and since then she had shown this kind of behavior. They also said to Frank: “Please get her up in front of all the kids at the school and tell them how bad she is.” Instead, our staff took the child aside and started talking to her about her behavior. He made it very clear that what she had done wasn’t ok, and spoke positively into her life; encouraging her to find better friends and to ask her mother for forgiveness. Even though it was hard, the little girl went and asked her mother for forgiveness. A week later the teacher had a great report for our Metro team. The girl had found different friends and her behavior had changed positively! Our staff serve thousands of children per week in every school, but will always be about the one that they can make a difference for! The different approach our staff used to deal with this situation was not only a lifesaver for the child, but also a great lesson for the mother and the teachers. God is written all over this story. How He will take our willingness to go further to reach a child, to also reach a community of people. Showing them the goodness of God! Praying that today God will show you His goodness in some way shape or form.

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