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Can I mail a gift or package to my sponsored child?

For more information on sending specific gifts and packages to your sponsored child please contact your local Metro World Child office. 

Can I write to or email my sponsored child?

Yes. Sending cards, letters, or emails is a great way to connect with your sponsored child.  You may send letters to your sponsored child at the address located on the Getting Started Card in your child’s profile packet.

How often will I receive information from my sponsored child?

Your child will respond to your letters as often as you write to him or her.  If your child is too young or has difficulty writing, a worker or someone in his or her home may write a note for them.  If this happens the correspondence will include a note identifying who helped the child.  Correspondence to and from your sponsored child will also be translated as necessary.  In addition to responses to your letters and gifts, you will also receive two additional communications from your sponsored child at mid-year and at Christmas time.

Can I correspond directly with my sponsored child? Can we communicate via social media?

At Metro World Child we seek to protect the identity of our children and their sponsors.  All correspondence to and from a sponsored child goes through the Child Sponsorship offices, ensuring that all conversations are transparent and well documented.  For this reason, we ask that sponsors and children not exchange personal contact information or communicate with each other on any social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

We also kindly ask that sponsors refrain from posting private, identifiable information about your child or his or her family online such as the child’s last name and ID number.  If you are contacted or receive any correspondence via social media please contact your local Metro World Child office immediately.

How long does it take to receive a response from my sponsored child?

Metro World Child works in various impoverished areas, some of which are very remote with little phone or even postal service in some instances.  Letters must be physically delivered.  Receiving a reply to your letter may take two to four months depending on the child’s location.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, in some of our locations you may visit your sponsored child.  All visits must be prearranged. 

We ask for your understanding where a visit is not possible due to sensitive situations in your sponsor child’s country. Metro’s utmost desire is to protect our children, their families and our sponsors. 

What does my monthly sponsorship giving provide?

Your support helps to provide life changing services and benefits for your child and his or her family.  Your monthly giving supports the Sunday School programs in which your child participates, mentoring relationships with Metro staff, and essential needs such as food and school supplies, depending upon your child’s country.  Sponsors are also able to meet needs through additional gift opportunities throughout the year.

Does my sponsored child receive my monthly support in cash?

No, monthly support is not given to children or parents in cash.  Monthly gifts support the programs and projects the child participates in and receives benefit from.

Can I give a special gift to meet my sponsored child's individual needs?

Yes, while your monthly contribution supports the programs and/or projects that benefit your sponsored child, you can give gifts of food, school supplies and uniforms, summer camp, scholarships and more to your child.  These gifts help to meet specific and individual needs of sponsored children.  Various gift options are available depending on your child’s location.  Please see your profile pack for gift options available in your child’s country or call your local Metro World Child office. 

How many sponsors can a child have?

Some sponsors faithfully support, but may not write to their children.  Some have to drop out of the program unexpectedly.  For this reason, a child may have up to two sponsors at a time.  This increases the likelihood of a child receiving correspondence and building a relationship with a sponsor.  It allows increased financial stability for the programs that benefit the child and other children, like those who may not have a sponsor yet.