BIBLES in BOOKBAGS with all the kids finally going BACK TO SCHOOL!

All the kids are finally going back to school! Parents are relieved and for the most part, kids are very excited too.

Your generous gift today will help ensure that every child who needs one receives a brand new Metro bookbag filled with school supplies and a new Bible to help them navigate this new world.

Buddy and Bella has a special message for the Kids

Click on the image to download it:

To kick off this school year right, we are also planning a special Facebook Live Back to School Prayer event Saturday, August 28, 4:00 p.m. EST.

Please mark your calendar so you can join us online with the kids in your life.

Pastor Bill Wilson will share a quick Metro Sunday School lesson on the Four Most Important Things for kids to remember as they go back to school, and we will end with prayer for kids in NYC and any children you would like us to pray for as well.

When you give towards our Back to School Bookbag Project you are helping us provide our children in the U.S., the Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Kenya and India with the necessary tools that they need to succeed;  a new bookbag that they can be proud of.  Each bookbag is filled with items such as a notebook, binder, folder, pencils, pens, a ruler and crayons; everything our children need to start their school year off to a solid start. 

In countries like India it is not uncommon for girls to be unable to attend school. Often times families put all of their resources toward sending their boys to school. With your help, we can change that!  Together, we can give both boys and girls not just the necessary school supplies that they need to succeed but also the confidence that their future can be positive and successful.