Even with everything I’ve seen during more than 55 years of ministry, what I’ve witnessed in the past year or so has impacted me deeply. Some of it I am still struggling to process.

From responding to calls to go to Ukraine, where dead bodies lay in the streets, little girls were still suffering from being raped by invading soldiers, and groups of children had been kidnapped and horribly tortured...

To receiving the heartbreaking call in October that a leader of our Sunday School program in Gaza had been killed. Then finding a little girl cowering in the rubble of a destroyed building there, abandoned and in shock, she couldn’t even tell us her name. Since she was unable to tell us, I decided to give her the name Mary. She was very sick, and while our physical efforts couldn’t save her, she left this world knowing that Jesus loved her.

This stuff weighs on your heart, friend. It’ll rip your guts out. But I keep going because the reality is that children are in crisis all over the world.

But I also saw something else this past year. I was able to meet and personally thank several partners like you — faithful men and women who have left “footprints” in the lives of hundreds of thousands of children over the decades.

And thanks to the faithful prayers and support of friends like you, we are in our 44th year and still making a difference! You’re helping us meet urgent needs as we bring the Gospel to these kids face-to face — now reaching about 500,000 boys and girls every week.

As you read the updates in the enclosed Metro Report, remember that we could in no way do it without you. You are part of every little thing we do. Your generosity is greatly needed today to equip Metro World Child to respond to the needs of children in crisis. Please help as much as you can.

After all these years, I’m still your missionary. I’m answering the call, going to the frontlines, seeing the needs, and letting you know how you can help reach these children. Thank you, from the depths of my heart... I can never fully communicate how much you mean to me, to the staff and volunteers, and especially to the half a million children around the world.