What do you think would happen if you gave a brick to a kid? There’d be some that would probably throw it through a store window. Others might use it to hurt someone. A lesser number will be inclined to use it for good. 

I want you to think back to Nehemiah. He saw the broken-down walls; everything was a mess. When I look at the lives of the folks, the kids, caught up in all this, I, we, just like Nehemiah, have a choice. We can do nothing . . . or we can pray, grab a shovel and begin to rebuild! 

About a year ago, in a very rural part of Nepal, a small group of kids were eager to learn about Jesus. Because it’s unlawful to practice Christianity openly there and with the constant threat of serious persecution, they needed the protection of a building where they could gather. A truck full of bricks arrived at the base of the mountain. So, what would happen if you give a kid a brick? 
Those kids carried each one of those bricks, by hand, all the way up the mountain to help build their own Sunday School! 

Pastor Kenny, led the training of the Metro World Child Nepal staff, the construction effort, and the founding of this new Sunday School program. They’ve expanded to other areas already and have gone from reaching a dozen boys and girls to over 1,200.

After Nehemiah prayed, he assessed what needed to happen and what it would take to get the job done. That’s exactly what I’m doing through our Give A Kid A Brick campaign. 
The “bricks” you help us place in kids’ hands through Metro World Child will meet the urgent practical needs. Bricks like food, clothing, the chance at an education, and medical care when needed, are the things that can actually give a child hope to build a better future.
Most importantly, you help us share the love of Jesus with them, so they can come to know the God who loves them and cares for them.

The goal of our Give a Kid a Brick campaign is to raise the $225,000 over the next 90-days in order to minister to the growing needs of our Metro bases around the world, and to continue our expansion efforts into other countries.  

Whatever you can give to help us meet this goal will be a tremendous help and will be deeply appreciated.