During our Sunday School semesters, our team in Kenya reaches more than 93,000 children with the Gospel on a weekly basis. Schools in Kenya are not funded by the government and often simple necessities such as shoes or pencils are difficult to find. Often times there are no resources availabe to fix urgent problems facing the school and it is forced to shut down. If a school shuts down, children have to find another place for their education and lose their access to Metro activities, feeding programs and Sunday School teaching. 

"A school so filthy, it's about to be shut down... please help!"

By supporting our School Project you help us provide necessary schools with their most pressing needs; such things as desks and chairs for children to sit on and study, plates and cups made out of steel for our feeding programs, steel doors for classrooms for safety, water tanks, classroom renovations as well as also helping to create a school garden to support the feeding progam.