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As an Intern, what will I be doing?

The majority of your time here will be spent working alongside our full-time missionaries. Each week you will be going out to visit families in the communities that we minister to and will be highly involved in doing Sidewalk Sunday School in those same communities. Included with your hands on ministry experience will be continued classroom ministry training and assignments. There will also be day-to-day ministerial operational tasks that Bootcampers will be involved in.

As an Intern, will I be safe?

Safety is always a top priority, yet any encounter has the potential for unexpected challenges.  As an Intern, specific guidelines have been set in place to reduce risk, including a nightly curfew and physical self-defense and basic street smart training.

What other important information do I need to know before applying to the Internship program?

As an Intern you are not eligible for benefits such as weekly pay, medical coverage,
or paid sick or personal days. Please make sure your medical insurance is up to date or
purchased prior to your arrival to NYC.

When can I submit my Internship Application?

Applications can be submitted at any time during the year. Apply Here.

Aside from the Internship fee, what else should I plan to budget for?

We suggest that you allow yourself $1,000–$2,000 of spendable money for the duration of
your Internship.

As an Intern, do I need to be fluent in English?

Interns are not required to speak English fluently.  However, a satisfactory level of the English language is essential.