Thank you, for your support in helping our next generation of missionaries step into the field of urban missions.

'The Becøming' Internship is a choice for a man or woman of God to live a life that grows passionately and purposefully before God. For them to choose God’s unique assignment for their life as something worthy of development.

Each intern will be educated at the highest levels of urban outreach and taught how to mentor inner-city kids through Metro's mentorship program. They will have several opportunities to share the love of Christ with the inner-city kids and their families. In order for 'The Becøming' Internship to help men and woman of God to fulfil their God honored calling, 'The Becøming' Internship needs you. We need you to stand with the intern in prayer, encouragement and to assist the intern with their tuition fees. 

Would you prayerfully consider being part of the intern’s team? A team that can financially help an intern with their 'Becøming' internship tuition fees.

Please input the intern’s ID code below and your fincianial contribuition will go directly to their tuition fee’s.


If you would like to give towards The Internship program or Scholarships for future interns, please enter code 90500.