Metro World Child is a global movement, reaching children and their families on a worldwide scale.

Metro was established in Bushwick, Brooklyn in 1980, which to this day, is still our home base of operations for our work. Bushwick was the first neighborhood that Pastor Bill started running buses and picking up children for Sunday School, but soon found that we would have to increase our reach as buses alone weren’t going to cut it; there were more children in neighborhoods farther away that needed to be reached with the Gospel also. So out of that need, the innovative concept of Sidewalk Sunday School was developed. Back in the early 1980’s it was a revolutionary idea, converting a box truck into a mobile church with the ability to go anywhere; housing projects, city parks or even street corners.

That innovative spirit caught on and the principles and style of Sidewalk Sunday School, although developed and honed on the streets of New York City, quickly became identifiable as an effective model of children’s ministry outreach. It was found that Metro’s principles were transferable and duplicatable across the globe, whether on the dusty fields of Kenya or the garbage dumps in the Philippines. The need to expand and reach new areas was evident and in 1999 Metro launched its first foreign mission in Manila, the Philippines. From that point on, doors of opportunity continued to open and nearly 20 years later, Metro Sunday Schools are operating in more than 13 countries around the world.