Pastor Bill Wilson interview with GOODTV

May 13, 2020 - Good TV (Taiwan)

Long Line Forms at Brooklyn Food Bank as Providers Struggle to Keep Up

May 5, 2020 - World Journal

Metro World Child providing food boxes to those in need. (Chinese text)

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Long Line Forms at Brooklyn Food Bank as Providers Struggle to Keep Up

April 17, 2020 - Yahoo News

Food banks and pantries across New York declared a state of emergency Wednesday, April 15, due to a drop in supplies, volunteers, and critical funding during the coronavirus pandemic.

Footage shared by Metro World Child, a New York-based humanitarian organization, shows a long line forming down the street outside their Brooklyn food bank on Wednesday.

Metro World Child said that they had given out more than 3,000 food packages over the previous last week and a half. The organization appealed for further resources, saying it would need to provide double that number the following week due to the “enormous need”.

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Metro World Child Philippines

April 08, 2020 - GoodTV

With the staff of Metro World Child, we traveled to the slums outside Manila, Philippines, for SIDEWALK SUNDAY SCHOOL!



Abandoned, shot but not defeated: The life of Bill Wilson, leader of global children's ministry

June 15, 2019 - The Christian Post

BROOKLYN, New York — It was just a quarter after 7 on a rainy Friday morning in May when I met Bill Wilson, founder of the largest children’s ministry in the world, at the headquarters of Metro World Child. He was dressed in a three-piece suit and seated at the communal housing lunchroom for breakfast before heading to his weekly leaders' meeting, where leaders from all over the world tune in to get a rundown of all that’s going on in the ministry. 

I was asked to join Pastor Bill for breakfast. I greeted him with “Good morning, how are you?” To which the minister, a force of nature all on his own, responded: “It’s Friday!” I took it to mean TGIF, one day closer to Saturday, Wilson’s favorite day of the week.

Every Saturday for the last 50 years, Wilson has jumped on a yellow school bus and picked up inner city kids to take them to church.

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