Malaria is a serious concern in many parts of the world, including many of the areas where we operate our Sunday School programs. Thankfully, mosquito nets have proven to be a highly effective method of stopping mosquitoes and other bug bites during the night. The preventative measure of a mosquito net could literally be the difference between a life or death situation for one of our sponsored children.   

Your gift provides protection and peace of mind.

By supporting our Mosquito Net Project you can provide an insecticide treated mosquito net for your sponsored child. Not only that, you can choose to increase your gift and provide more mosquito nets for other sponsored children who are also in need.  Your gift can truly save lives!  

2 Types of Mosquito Nets:

  • 1 Year insecticide treated mosquito net - $15 USD
  • 5 Year insecticide treated mosquito net - $40 USD

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