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Gene Hullinger

My wife Maria was diagnosed with cancer in her pancreas. Doctors say that it's inoperable and she has 12 months to live. We as believers know that we have the true Physician and that Jesus already atained healing for us. It's by His stripes we were healed and we will continue to walk in our healing.
God Bless

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i am praying to have the internship in new York ,and God will provide aid in everything

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Nicholas Baker

Dear Bill
I am asking that you pray for my Ministry Camp Josiah. I am going to be Ministering to the Foster Children. I am the founder of Hope For The Disabled Ministries. I am teaming up with a Ministry called Foster The Valley. There are 500,000 Handicap kids in the Foster Care System. I am asking that you will pray for God to give me a change of heart to Minister to those kids.

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Dear , Please pray for my new job , which I have applied , I'm awaiting a call to clear it. In my mind I'm losing it. Pray for me to get that with gods grace. I solely depend on that job, because it is only way that I could feed my family. Amen

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Please pray for our adopted son’s 3 siblings that are in the custody of the mother’s ex. Please pray for protection around the siblings; Protecting their spirit, body, mind, and emotions form any kind of evil or harm. Hide them from any kind of evil influences that would come against them. May the Will of the Lord be done in this situation, redeeming it and bring Glory to God. If it be God’s Will, may He make way a path for us to bring the children home to us, to raise them according to the word of God.

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