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Zalan Kovari

I study for a high school teacher
This is my last year of university and I have to finish my thesis by December 1st.
It is important that I can take all practice lessons and take 2 practice exams.

I have more problems due to stress:
foot edema, obesity, hernia.
Thank you for your prayers.

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Lisa Masih-Gill

Please stand with us in prayer for my mum, she had a stroke on Sun 10th Nov 19 and had to have a operation on her brain to remove a blood clot and there is nerve damage sighted in her scan after the stroke. At the moment she has no feeling in the right side of her body.

We are standing on Gods promises and healing scriptures please stand with us that God would do a supernatural miracle and to fully restore her body and mind.

God bless you

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Lisa Rudgley

I need deliverance and protection from demonic attacks and demonic oppression.

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Pastor Wilson
Am Lupita form the Sheraton in Charlotte please pray for all of us as our hotel closed for few months pray for us please specially my family

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Please pray for me to get out of debts. I pray for all my mortgage debts and personal loans to be fully paid in Jesus name. I do not know how I can pay off these debts since I have no job since I’m old and down with osteoarthritis on both my knees. My wife has lupus and is on long term medication. I need a miracle financial breakthrough. Please help and intercede for me. I’m very grateful to all who pray for me. Thank you. God bless all of you

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