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Right now I am fasting, because I am being prevented from going to school this semester. In the book of Matthew 6:16 the Father says when we fast not to look gloomy like the hypocrites, to be seen by others. I pray in the name of JESUS that he send me the Helper the HOLY SPIRIT to bless me with the ability to not be gloomy during this fast, so that I will not be seen by others. I don’t have enough space to write a proper request. LORD GOD You said in Ephesians 6:18 Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. Please pray that the LORD keeps me during this fast to be focused praying in the Spirit with all supplication as I make this request known. But the school I am at, is fairly large and unprofessional. Though I am not enrolled for class this semester, the school is trying to charge me 1400 dollars for a meal plan that I did sign a contract for. I was able to cancel my housing. But this change has not been made on my student account. There is a 12,000 dollar bill on my account. I pray for peace about this and a discrete answer about what to do. I feel like the school is being greedy and does not care about its students. I would ask that God send me to another school to teach me what I’d intended to learn at this school. Or that He allows me to go back to this school, and have the right professors to be successful. Right now I am completely disgusted with the attitude of the University, and I just don’t want anything to do with it. But I just thank the Father for PEACE, and to sleep at night. I need PEACE. Thank You.

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Hi. I’m dealing with a situation where I cannot find employment. Matthew 7 and 7 says Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Father God in the name of Jesus I am asking and definitely seeking for a job. I don’t want to be homeless again. I know this is a common prayer request.LORD GOD YOU said in Matthew 7 and 8 8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. I was supposed to be a Nurses Aid, but I had a fright one day when seeing a combative male resident private parts. I haven’t had employment since then. I have done over 47 job applications, and each job interview I go on is unsuccessful. I was supposed to be hired by Aramark at my University, but they have not called me to work. I believe it is because I asked to be paid more, because I have a degree. I took initiative to call HR and Payroll for Aramark. I was told there are managerial documents that are supposed to be done by the hiring manager, for me to start working. The rep on the phone said that my manager has not completed these documents. I’m disappointed because I have rent to pay on the 1st, and the company seems to be extremely lazy, and has poor management. I was depending on that job. Please pray that I can find a job. I do not have any family that I can ask for help. Until I can find a job, I cannot do anything else.

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AManda Brown

Please pray that according to James 1 and 5 that the Lord will bless me with wisdom to get accepted into Belmont University, as a commercial songwriting major. Also ask the Father to bless me with wisdom to move and pay for my education. also I'm having great difficulty losing weight because I am an emotional eater. So I'm praying that the Lord break the chains of emotional eating in Jesus name amen. I also have several missing and broken teeth, and I would like the Lord to show me and provide a way for me to go to the dentist before the rest of my teeth get ruined. This is a very serious issue in my life. I need immediate help. Thanks.

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Amanda Brown

I am asking for prayer concerning school. I'm down and depressed right now. I usually love school but I feel like killing myself and life is worthless. In the midst of this I have a ton of homework to do. I feel like I cannot breathe or move. Everybody in my family thinks I accomplishing something. Some are even jealous but I just been asking to be taken away from here. Yesterday was my birthday and it was terrible. I'm just tired.

1. Test #3 Study Guide: Terms and Concepts
2. Mixers and Consoles
3. The Soundcraft Guide to Mixing
4. 13_Consoles 8-17.ppt
5. 11_Cables and Interconnecting
6. 13_Sound Measurement v 1-17
7. 14_The dB v 8-17.pptx
8. Mr. Audio - Analog vs Digital
9. 15_Digital Audio 8-17.notes
10. 16_Digital Audio Workstations 8-17.pptx
11. DAW Explained
12. Audio Interfaces

Then 3 chapters.
Chapter 6 Mixers, Consoles, and Control Surfaces
Chapter 7 Recording
Chapter 10. Audio and the Internet

The subject is hard for me to understand because of the jargon in the book. The vocabulary is hard to understand. I'm having difficulty studying because it so boring and dry. I need a strategy to study because I feel I am just not getting it. I feel like I am having to learn to fast.

This is a bit much for 1 test for 1 class. The test is Thursday at 8, 2018.

At the same time I have a Marketing Exam that is also 5 Chapters.

Chapter 16 corporate social responsibility
Chapter 6 Product
Chapter 15 Branding
Chapter 9 Place
Chapter 11 Retailing

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Mike and Lee Brooks

January .My Dad died having battled Dementia and cancer for 2 years during which time I was his carer,10 weeks before my husbands mum died suddenly.Our family is under financial attack ,some need jobs.
The last couple of years has finally caught up with us,why the attacks? 2 years ago we launched a project to open creative workshops for hurting people,kids struggling at school,long term unemployed,abused,depressed, we want to move on to get this open.Please pray for doors to open,people to help and for us personaly to regain rest and strength and my husbands healing as he fights Post polio Syndrome of which little is known and it seems medication produces more side effects and he gets very low.

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